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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: Code formatting debate, confusion and wasted time , Has it gone on long enough?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 07:49:56 GMT
Rodrigo Madera <rodrigo.madera@gmail.com> writes:

> One thing there is to learn from all this: Set standards BEFORE the
> project starts.

Actually, it is not that simple. Derby opted to follow Sun's java
guidline which, believe it or not, says that if tabs are used, then the
tabwidth should be 4. Which, of course, is utterly brain-dead. 

It would have been much less painful to introduce space indentation
gradually if the tabwidth had been 8, because then tab and space
indentation could have coexisted in a file without making the file
unreadable in most tools.

A file that is consistently indented with tabs and tabwidth=4, is
better, but not much. Using tools like cat, less, diff (even svn
diff), or a2ps is a pain because every line appears wrapped and is
hard to read... (yes, I'm one of those old fools that refuse to live
my life inside an IDE).

But files with both indentation styles is, by far, the worst. I'm so
tired of scanning my patches for places where I have accidently
tab-indented a line in a method that's space-indented, or vice
versa. This is perhaps not the most important issue in Derby, but I
think it really cuts the "joy of development" factor for Derby. And
that's not good for an open source project...


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