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From "Sanket Sharma" <sanketsha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Preview: High Level Design for JMX
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 21:42:28 GMT
> - I think you might to say "Derby JMX Components" because the last
> section was a general overview of JMX, and one might think this was
> still about JMX in general


> - In the figure you have a JDBC Service MBean, but in the table it's not
> there and you have a Driver MBean.  Are these the same?

Yes. They are the same. I'll correct the table.

> - I think it might be worth going int more detail on how a Model MBean
> works since this is what you're proposing to use.  I liked this text
> from http://www.admc.com/blaine/howtos/jmx/ch06.html
Umm...I have mixed feelings on that. I initially thought a sperate
article along with this document will be good. At the same time, it is
always good to have some refersher information in HLD. I did not want
the HLD to look like a model mbean tutorial. How about a seperate
article describing all Model MBean soup and putting a link in HLD?I
think it will be much better to have a few supporting articles and
keep HLD clean.
Let me know what you feel. I'll be happy both ways.

> - I think you need to clearly define some terms to help avoid confusion:
> In particular, I think it's important to make sure we're all on the same
> page as to what a  "Monitor" and "Service" are (I'm assuming these refer
> to the Derby concepts of monitor and service).
Umm..I guess a "Definitions" section can be added. This will clearly
identify what "Monitor", "System", "Service" etc. mean in the rest of
the document?

> - I'm not sure if MonitorMBean is the right name, as this is an internal
> concept.  What is the right name for this MBean from the perspective of
> the user?  I think a Monitor has a 1-1 correspondence with the Derby
> concept of a "system" -- see
> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev/devguide/cdevdvlp27610.html

Exactly. I thought from developers perspective. Looking from a users
perspective, it would make much more sense to call it as SystemMBean.
When viewed from a cosole, it would be much more intutive to the user
if this mbean is displayed "System" or "Derby System"

> - I'd like to see a summary of the methods, properties and callbacks for
> each MBean.  I'd also like to see something like a UML diagram showing
> the relations between MBeans.  For example, I think there is a 1-many
> relationship between Monitor MBean and Database MBean.

Okie dokie! I'll put the uml on wiki and the summary in a table up on the wiki.

 Thank you for your comments!!!

Best Regards,

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