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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Proposal for 10.2 release schedule
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 00:14:02 GMT

Jean commented on David's post:
> ...
>> In order for this to work, we need Java DB to be based on an  
>> official,
>> "GA-ready" release of Derby to be what Sun redistributes in Mustang.
>> Otherwise databases created in Mustang will be "locked in" to Java  
>> DB.
>> The problem is that it can't *actually* be GA until after JCP  
>> approves
>> JSR 221, JDBC 4.0, which will happen in tandem with the GA release of
>> the JDK, around 5 weeks after the JDK team needs their final  
>> integration
>> bits from all the pieces going into it.
> in other words, we have a classic catch-22. :-)

No, not at all. What happens right now is that we publish a release  
candidate that is available for the Derby community to test and vote  
on. Once the vote is complete, the release manager ties up some of  
the loose ends (records the vote results, pushes the bits around) and  
publishes the release on the Apache mirrors. Subsequently, other  
loose ends are tied (official announcement on Apache general email  

What Rick is proposing to happen is for the community to vote and  
subsequently tie up some loose ends (record the vote results, send  
the bits to the Mustang folks instead of to the Apache mirrors). Once  
the Mustang release is official, continue tying up loose ends  
(publish the release on the Apache mirrors). And more loose ends  
(official announcement on Apache general email alias). So the only  
thing that changes compared to today is the delay that Rick mentioned  
between community approval of the bits and posting the bits to the  
Apache mirrors.
>> I think what Rick is asking for is a release that is voted as
>> "GA-ready", has the GA-bit turned on, but because of JCP rules is not
>> actually *made* generally available until JSR 220 becomes final.   
>> Since
>> we all need to vet this release and approve it, it would be  
>> available to
>> the Derby community, but not *generally* available by distributing  
>> it on
>> all the Apache mirrors.
> It would still be easily available. And once downloaded, and probably
> redistributed further, downstream users would have no idea that they
> aren't working with an official Apache release.

As I understand it, this is what happens today. Once the release  
candidate is announced, anyone can theoretically grab the bits and  
distribute them before the release is voted on and available from the  
mirrors. Is this considered a problem today?
> What is the specific legal verbiage we're working with here?

IANAL, but the only license available right now (the license under  
which the community is using the bits) is an evaluation license for  
JSR 221, which reads, in part:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this license,
Sun hereby grants you a fully-paid, non-exclusive,
non-transferable, limited license (without the right
to sublicense) under Sun's intellectual property
rights to review the Specification only for the
purposes of evaluation.

Until Mustang goes GA, there is no redistribution license available.

>  -jean
>> I know this seems like a fine hair to split, but it's the only way we
>> can be successful without Sun having to do a non-upgradable fork of
>> Derby, which I don't think any of us want.
>> I hope this helps to clear things up, even if it doesn't make things
>> simpler :)
>> David

Craig Russell
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