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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: making a jira filter public
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 23:24:01 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:

> Thanks, Andrew. I did stumble on the filter management page. My 
> question is, once I'm on that page, how do I change my filter from 
> Private to Global? Clicking on the Private icon isn't working for me 
> and I don't know what other trick to try.

My experience has been that mere mortals cannot do this, but maybe that 
has changed.  Another issue  with global filters is that they can be 
seen all over Apache.  Recently I have been using the [Permlink] for 
jira reports.  You run your  query and press [Permlink]  near the top 
right of the page.  Then you can put that in your Wiki page.   I did 
this for a bunch of the reports on 

The only place I found that I really have to have a global filter now is 
if I want a Single Level Group By Report. Then it has to be keyed off a 
global  filter.


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