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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Revised 10.2 plan for uncoupling the Mustang and Derby release trains
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:39:50 GMT
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and patience. After discussing 
the JCP issues with many people, including Geir Magnusson and Lance 
Andersen, I would like to propose the following approach for uncoupling 
the Mustang and Derby release trains.

1) Lance will publish his proposed final draft (PFD) of the JDBC4 spec 
under the "early access" license.

2) In mid-September the Derby community will vet and publish a GA 10.2 
release which implements PFD apis.

3) The Apache web page describing 10.2 will start out saying that Derby 
drivers implement PFD apis.

4) If no relevant changes are made to the PFD by the time Mustang goes 
GA, then at the end of October we will update the Apache web page so 
that it says Derby drivers implement final JDBC4 apis.

5) If, however, the final draft changes in some way which affects Derby, 
then we will implement those changes in a follow-on bugfix release at a 
time convenient to the community.

Here again is the refined 10.2 release schedule which has attracted 

August 10 : Last feature work committed. Branch created.
August 11 : First release candidate generated.
August 24 : Second release candidate generated.
September 7: Third and hopefully last release candidate generated.
September 15: Targetted end of voting on release candidates.

I hope we are converging on an acceptable plan. Thanks again for your 


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