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From Ole Solberg <Ole.Solb...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: lang/predicatePushdown.sql diff in tinderbox
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:40:04 GMT
Army wrote:
> Ole.Solberg@Sun.COM wrote:
>> [Auto-generated mail]
>> *TinderBox_Derby* 417756/2006-06-28 15:53:05 CEST
>> *derbyall*
>> Failed  Tests    OK  Skip  Duration       Platform
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> *Jvm: 1.5*
>>     2    675    673     2   160.28%     SunOS-5.10_i86pc-i386
> I noticed that lang/predicatePushdown.sql has failed in these tinderbox 
> tests two days in a row after svn # 417548, but that particular checkin 
> doesn't seem to have anything to do with the optimizer nor with query 
> plans.  And further, when I ran derbyall on our test machines with svn # 
> 417631 I did not see this failure, nor do I see it when I run the test 
> standalone locally on my laptop with the latest codeline (417831).
> I'm using jdk 1.5.0_02.
> Did anything change with the tinderbox setup and/or machine recently 
> that might be affecting this test?

Nothing special for this machine compared to other machines used in the 
daily tests. E.g. the "SunOS-5.10 i86pc-i386" machine in the daily test 
is run on a machine which is identical and this has not shown the problem.

I did a run with the "TinderBox_Derby 418131" on a supposedly identical
machine and did *not* see the error there.
The "tinderbox" test machine seems to be the guilty.

I will move the tinderbox test to a different machine to hopefully avoid 
the noise we have now.

> Thanks,
> Army

Ole Solberg, Database Technology Group,
Sun Microsystems, Trondheim, Norway

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