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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: upcoming 10.2 release and regression test failures.
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 20:25:59 GMT
Hi Mike,

+1 to cleaning these up for 10.2. I would also add the following bugs:

830 - lang/dcl.sql failures on solaris
1352 - sysinfo locale-specific noise


Mike Matrigali wrote:

> There are currently 24 regression test failures listed in jira, I think
> most apply to the trunk.  Only one of them has anyone working on it.
> I took a quick look at categorizing them.  It seems like we should at
> least spend some time on the mainline jvm (1.4, 1.5, 1.6) issues 
> verifying that problem is not likely a regression for the 10.2
> release before going GA.  I know I waste time every time I have to 
> figure out if the test failure I encounterd is one of the growing set 
> of "expected failures" or not.  Fixing them now rather than during the RC
> vetting period would make it more likely we could make the dates
> Rick is aiming at.
> Note this is just the regression test category, has anyone done any
> review of the outstanding derby bugs and what would be appropriate to
> fix before 10.2 goes GA?
> mailine jvm
> DERBY-1430  Test parameterMapping.java often fails DerbyNetClient on 
> Solarisx86
> DERBY-1404  i18nTest/iepnegativetests_ES and 
> derbytools/iepnegativetests fails with ibm142 on linux
> DERBY-1403  importExport.java fails with ibm142 on linux
> DERBY-1320  Test lang/procedure.java fails with ibm1.5 jvm
> DERBY-1108  The test jdbcapi/setTransactionIsolation.java fails with 
> ibm jvm1.5
> DERBY-1022  syscat.sql test failing due to change in size of a system 
> table's column from VARCHAR(30) to VARCHAR(128)
> DERBY-988   jdbcapi/parameterMapping.java fails on Win2003 with 
> 'P3=SQLSTATE(22007): SQL Exception: The syntax of the string 
> representation of a datetime value is incorrect.'
> DERBY-980   derbynet/testSecMec.java fails with InterruptedException
> DERBY-957   Long passed into an exception gets displayed using locale 
> specific formatting. i18n/locale issue
> DERBY-952   DerbyNet/derbynetmats/NSinSameJVM fails on Win XP / Cygwin
> compat testing:
> DERBY-1084  jdbcapi/xaStateTran test fails with 10.1 client and 
> derbyTesting.jar
>  with 10.2 server.
> DERBY-1083  jdbcapi/xaSimplePositive fails with 10.1 derbyTesting.jar 
> and 10.1 c
> lient with 10.2 server.
> intermittent (anyone have a spare machine they can run test repeatedly 
> over a weekend to give us an idea how intermittent?)
> DERBY-1248  Assert failure in BasePage.shiftUp() when running 
> store/onlineBackup
> Test4.sql
> DERBY-1237  unit/daemonService fails intermittently with > Shutting 
> down due to
> unit test failure.
> DERBY-989   unit/daemonService.unit fails intermittently: 'ran out of 
> time'
> DERBY-973   Restore fails in OnlineBackupTest1
> DERBY-967   lang/autoincrement.sql intermittently fails on SunOS-5.10_i86
> DERBY-803   derbynet/DerbyNetAutoStart.java test fails intermittently 
> with org.a
> pache.derby.iapi.services.context.ShutdownException
> DERBY-1418  derbyall/storeall/storemore/OnlineBackupTest3 failed, 
> unable to reproduce
> DERBY-1419  MessageBundleTest.diff test failed in nightly run, jdk15
>     o i think should be taken off regression test list, was removed 
> from suite
> old jvm:
> DERBY-1407  encryptionAll.fail:store/access.sql hangs on ibm1.3.1 
> while running
> the blowfish test run
> DERBY-1153  derbynet/SqlExceptionTest.junit fails with Sun JDK 1.3
> not mainline jvm:
> DERBY-1457  lang/triggerGeneral.sql fails intermittently with wsdd 5.6
> DERBY-1179  demo/RunClassPathTester.java fails against IBM wsdd5.6

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