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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject upcoming 10.2 release and regression test failures.
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 19:07:56 GMT
There are currently 24 regression test failures listed in jira, I think
most apply to the trunk.  Only one of them has anyone working on it.
I took a quick look at categorizing them.  It seems like we should at
least spend some time on the mainline jvm (1.4, 1.5, 1.6) issues 
verifying that problem is not likely a regression for the 10.2
release before going GA.  I know I waste time every time I have to 
figure out if the test failure I encounterd is one of the growing set of 
"expected failures" or not.  Fixing them now rather than during the RC
vetting period would make it more likely we could make the dates
Rick is aiming at.

Note this is just the regression test category, has anyone done any
review of the outstanding derby bugs and what would be appropriate to
fix before 10.2 goes GA?

mailine jvm
DERBY-1430  Test parameterMapping.java often fails DerbyNetClient on 
DERBY-1404  i18nTest/iepnegativetests_ES and derbytools/iepnegativetests 
fails with ibm142 on linux
DERBY-1403  importExport.java fails with ibm142 on linux
DERBY-1320  Test lang/procedure.java fails with ibm1.5 jvm
DERBY-1108  The test jdbcapi/setTransactionIsolation.java fails with ibm 
DERBY-1022  syscat.sql test failing due to change in size of a system 
table's column from VARCHAR(30) to VARCHAR(128)
DERBY-988   jdbcapi/parameterMapping.java fails on Win2003 with 
'P3=SQLSTATE(22007): SQL Exception: The syntax of the string 
representation of a datetime value is incorrect.'
DERBY-980   derbynet/testSecMec.java fails with InterruptedException
DERBY-957   Long passed into an exception gets displayed using locale 
specific formatting. i18n/locale issue
DERBY-952   DerbyNet/derbynetmats/NSinSameJVM fails on Win XP / Cygwin

compat testing:
DERBY-1084  jdbcapi/xaStateTran test fails with 10.1 client and 
  with 10.2 server.
DERBY-1083  jdbcapi/xaSimplePositive fails with 10.1 derbyTesting.jar 
and 10.1 c
lient with 10.2 server.

intermittent (anyone have a spare machine they can run test repeatedly 
over a weekend to give us an idea how intermittent?)
DERBY-1248  Assert failure in BasePage.shiftUp() when running 
DERBY-1237  unit/daemonService fails intermittently with > Shutting down 
due to
unit test failure.
DERBY-989   unit/daemonService.unit fails intermittently: 'ran out of time'
DERBY-973   Restore fails in OnlineBackupTest1
DERBY-967   lang/autoincrement.sql intermittently fails on SunOS-5.10_i86
DERBY-803   derbynet/DerbyNetAutoStart.java test fails intermittently 
with org.a
DERBY-1418  derbyall/storeall/storemore/OnlineBackupTest3 failed, unable 
to reproduce

DERBY-1419  MessageBundleTest.diff test failed in nightly run, jdk15
     o i think should be taken off regression test list, was removed 
from suite

old jvm:
DERBY-1407  encryptionAll.fail:store/access.sql hangs on ibm1.3.1 while 
the blowfish test run
DERBY-1153  derbynet/SqlExceptionTest.junit fails with Sun JDK 1.3

not mainline jvm:
DERBY-1457  lang/triggerGeneral.sql fails intermittently with wsdd 5.6
DERBY-1179  demo/RunClassPathTester.java fails against IBM wsdd5.6

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