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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Move 1448, 1449, 1450 , 1452 and 1453 to critical for 10.2?
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 23:07:21 GMT
Thanks everyone for their comments on these issues. Thanks too to Deepa 
for posting these issues from 10.1 client/ 10.2 server testing.
 After a rough triage I think the following:

DERBY-1448 - Not a bug.   Improved error message in sysinfo.  Bryan 
added release note to DERBY-668 to clarify.
DERBY-1449 - The checkDataSource test is trying to read a system 
property "framework". It is not clear why this is,  It may be related 
xaHelper, but there is no smoking gun of a product issue here, so I will 
not change the priority, probably could be changed to Minor.
DERBY-1450 -  Not a bug. Expected behavior change due to DERBY-822 but I 
think we  need a release note for  DERBY-822. I added a comment to that 
DERBY-1452 -  Not a bug. Same issue as 1450, plus there is some output 
differences for Decimal output  that looks ok.
DERBY-1453 - This one I raised to critical for further evaluation.  It 
is a lock time-out where there was none before.  It may be a DERBY-822 
side effect but  I can't really tell.  This also occurs just running the 
10.1 tests with 10.2 client and 10.2 server, so is a general 
compatibility issue, not limited to mixed version client and server 

So short story, just one  new critical issue to be evaluated in this set. 

This testing I think is been very useful in identifying potential 
compatibility issues, but I suppose these tests will be  put on the 
don't run list now that they fail.  For 10.3 it would be great to think 
about sustainable compatibility testing. For 10.2 this is what we 
have.    It is very useful to see how the 10.1 tests (simulating  an 
existing application) react  when faced with 10.2. To further understand 
compat issues with 10.2  I did a derbyall run  of 10.1 tests against 
10.2 ( server and client).


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