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From Bryan Pendleton <bpendle...@amberpoint.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-1448) derbynet/sysinfo.java fails with 10.1 client and 10.2 server
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 14:37:12 GMT
Kathey Marsden (JIRA) wrote:
> I think we just need a release note 

I agree. In fact, we already have one, but I think it's in the wrong
place. I updated the file "trunk/CHANGES" some time ago to add the
note below.

However, I think that we are no longer using the "CHANGES" file for these
sorts of things, but rather are putting this information into the JIRA

Is the current convention as simple as:

1) Edit the JIRA issue to check the "release note needed" checkbox
2) Add a comment to the JIRA issue, with the information as suggested by
3) Somebody intends to run some sort of a JIRA report at some point, collect
    up all these special comments, and edit them into a simple document

If that's correct, let me know and I'll summarize it in the Wiki somewhere
(and I'll also add my comment to DERBY-668).



P.S. Here's what's in trunk/CHANGES; what do you think?

  *) The sysinfo tool now prints additional information about the origin of
     the classes and jars that it examines. The origin of a class might be:
     an entry in the application classpath, an entry in a class loader location
     list, a jar fetched due to being listed in the manifest entry of another
     jar, a standard extension in the JRE's extensions directory, a jar
     installed into the application server, or any of various other

     Note that when sysinfo runs under a Java security manager, it may need
     special permissions to access this additional information, including the
     permission to read the java.class.path property, and the permission to
     call getProtectionDomain on a class. If sysinfo is not granted these
     permissions, it will display an error message about the security problem
     in place of displaying the class origin information.
     (DERBY-668) [ Bryan Pendleton ]

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