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From Sunitha Kambhampati <ksunitha...@gmail.com>
Subject Question about splitQRYDTA and offbyone error message.
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2006 00:57:33 GMT
Hello All,

I have been working on a user issue and they are hitting a disconnect 
error. The server is disconnecting the client connection.  Client is 
sending a CNTQRY, the server is receiving it and then server disconnects 
the client.   When I start the server, after a while, I see the message

Further debugging, this message gets printed out  because of the 
agentError that is thrown in splitQRYDTA.

 The error seems to come from this part of the code  in splitQRYDTA,  It 
hits the temp.length==0 case.

    private void splitQRYDTA(DRDAStatement stmt, int blksize) throws 
        // make copy of extra data
        byte [] temp = writer.copyDSSDataToEnd(blksize);
        // truncate to end of blocksize
        if (temp.length == 0)
            agentError("LMTBLKPRC violation: splitQRYDTA was " +
                "called to split a QRYDTA block, but the " +
                "entire row fit successfully into the " +
                "current block. Server rowsize computation " +
                "was probably incorrect (perhaps an off-by-" +
                "one bug?). QRYDTA blocksize: " + blksize);
In doneData and writeFDODTA, it looks like if (writer.getDSSLength() >= 
blksize)  , then the splitQRYDTA is called. From testing, it seems like 
they are hitting an edge case, where the writer.getDSSLength() is equal 
to blksize and this DSS is the only dss in the send buffer.  Can someone 
confirm if this is possible ?

Thanks much,

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