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From Geir Magnusson Jr <g...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: catch-22: Derby, Mustang, and JCP issue
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 21:04:44 GMT

Andrew McIntyre wrote:
> On 6/23/06, Geir Magnusson Jr <geir@pobox.com> wrote:
>> Andrew McIntyre wrote:
>> > Yes, because it is the RM as an individual that ultimately builds and
>> > publishes the release as an official Apache release on behalf of the
>> > ASF.
>> Absolutely not.
> Right, I know I should have put the PMC in there, too, sorry I left it
> out. I understand that this is a very important legal distinction and
> that the RM is just the messenger/agent of the PMC when it comes to
> releasing software for the ASF.

More like a go-fer :)

Until the PMC votes to release software, it's not an Apache release.

>> > True. But we're not talking about just anybody. If a member of the
>> > Derby community does put together a release candidate (that would need
>> > to report itself as a GA version) and publishes it on a website for
>> > others to vote on, then the community could be held responsible.
>> For what?
> For violating the JSPA or the spec evaluation agreement as far as
> creating/distributing an implementation, which is where people got the
> idea that we couldn't publish a GA version of Derby that had JDBC 4.0
> bits in it. Although it appears we've now determined that Derby has no
> obligations with regard to these agreements as to when it can do a
> release.

Until it's an Apache action, the JSPA doesn't matter, because those
people aren't signatories of the JSPA.

Sure, there is some grey area here, such as because the ASF has a public
repository containing JSR implementations-in-progress - but as we work
under a bona fide open source methodology, everyone understands that
isn't "distributing"...


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