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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Proposal for 10.2 release schedule
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 20:10:19 GMT
Hi Kathey,

Thanks for raising these issues. Here are some clarifications.


Kathey Marsden wrote:

> Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> The JCP requires that our JDBC4-exposing release can not be generally 
>> available until the JDBC4 specification is finalized.
> Is this something that the Derby community is bound to?

The JCP rules are the license you accept when you publish a GA 
implementation of a JSR. In our case this is JSR 221, which governs 
JDBC4. The Derby community accepts this license by exposing a GA 
implementation of JDBC4 in release 10.2.

>> Here are proposed dates for 10.2 milestones:
>> August 10 - Feature work committed. 10.2 branch created.
>> August 24 - Last day to commit changes for 10.2
>> August 25 - Begin vetting 10.2 release candidate
>> September 15 - Target date for finishing the voting on Derby 10.2
> What happens between September 15 and End of October on the 10.2 branch?

Between September 15 and the end of October, the vetted 10.2 release 
candidate is still available to anyone who needs it, just as the 10.1.3 
release candidate is available right now.

> Does bug fixing and work on 10.2.1 begin?

Forgive me for being pedantic about release numbers. I think that the 
first release cut off the 10.2 branch will be called I think 
that you are asking about bug fixing for the second release cut off the 
10.2 branch, which would be

I think that we can begin putting more bug fixes into the 10.2 branch as 
soon as we produce the first 10.2 release candidate. So that would be 

> If we fix critical bugs during that time in the 10.2 branch can't they 
> go into the release end of October?

Suppose we were able to publish the 10.2 release candidate (make it GA) 
right after we vetted it in mid-September. When would you want to 
produce the follow-on bug fix release? At the end of October? A couple 
months later? We could do either. The community may want to defer the 
follow-on bug fix release for a couple months. That would give us time 
to collect more feedback from users of the published, GA release. 
However, we could "release early, release often" and produce another 
release from the 10.2 branch at the end of October.

>> End of October - Expected GA of JDBC4 with Mustang
>> End of October - GA of Derby 10.2. Release promoted to Apache mirrors.

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