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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-930) Add support for autoloading of Derby client drivers
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 22:34:16 GMT
Rick Hillegas (JIRA) wrote:

>I think that derby-dev should continue to discuss the issue which Olav has analyzed in
DERBY-1399. I will continue this discussion shortly.
If   the behaviour change for DERBY-930 is intentional a special release 
note is needed for this issue  in the section  for
"Changes that might affect existing applications":

It might read something like this ...

PROBLEM:  Autoloading of driver  causes  changes to behavior of  derby 

Derby does not recognize  derby.system.home or other properties set by  
the application and creates database in the wrong location or  fails to 
recognize properties.

Automatic loading of the driver with JDBC 4.0  causes  derby to be  
booted before the derby.system.home property has been set.  Therefore 
the property is ignored.

There is no product solution to this issue. 

The only workaround is to set derby.system.home before any connection is 
made to any database.   For example derby.system.home can be specified 
on the command line with -Dderby.system.home=<location>

Now that I put it like that I can imagine all the users in the world 
that this is going to impact and I become more convinced that this is a 
bug and a serious regression.    I liked the suggestion to defer booting 
derby embedded until the first embedded connection is made, but 
apparently there are other implications for 
derby.drda.startNetworkServer that I don't quite understand yet. IMHO 
they all should be fixed if possible so we don't break existing 


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