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From Oystein Grovlen - Sun Norway <Oystein.Grov...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Performance tests for very large data sets?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:37:00 GMT
Merlin Beedell at Demon wrote:
> I hope that this is a common enough request that some results and 
> comments already exist. Just point me in the right direction!
> I would like to know how Derby performs (inserts and search) where the 
> record count goes from 1 to 1,000 million or greater, particularly if 
> there are foreign key constraints included.  And in comparison with 
> other databases.
> I fully recognise that such tests are quite subjective and vary greatly 
> depending on various settings that do not change the sql used.
> We have a situation where Derby performs well up to 100,000 records or 
> so, then (insert) performance plummets. It uses a fairly large text 
> foreign key, and we are changing this to an auto-number key instead, 
> which we know will help.  The aim to to have good performance up to 6Gb 
> worth of data (approx 60-120 million rows over a small number of tables).

Is your page cache larger than the default size?  On older versions of 
Derby there is a problem with large page caches in that the performance 
degrades while filling the page cache.  When the page size has been 
filled, the performance will increase again.
> Some experience from other developers may well help us move forward, as 
> well as any reasoned test results that shows that Derby is a good choice 
> for us.

I have inserted 15 GB of data in a Derby database and insert performance 
was pretty stable.

Øystein Grøvlen, Senior Staff Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Database Technology Group
Trondheim, Norway

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