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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Please don't cross-post between derby-user and derby-dev
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 23:27:53 GMT
Kathey Marsden wrote:
> Jean T. Anderson wrote:
>> Sometimes a cross-post may be appropriate --
> Probably even when it needs to go to both places it is good to post two
> separate posts. 

The best example I can think of for a valid cross-post is a release
announcement, but I agree with you that separate posts are better.

Separation also provides the opportunity to provide information specific
to the list as appropriate. For example, when I've announced big web
site updates, I've usually provided gory technical details for derby-dev
and suppressed those details for derby-user. (Besides, I doubt that most
users care that the Derby web site is generated by forrest.)

> One thing I noticed from the infrastructure side (after making this
> mistake) is that "Reply All" to derby-commits mail goes to both
> derby-dev and derby-commits.  Would it be enough to have it just go to
> derby-dev, since no conversation is supposed to happen on derby-commits.?

I don't know anything about the asf ezmlm configuration. Is there anyone
on this list who does?


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