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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Code formatting debate, confusion and wasted time , Has it gone on long enough?
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 16:19:19 GMT
James Maes - Materialogic Programmer wrote:

>I've had to draft several somewhat formal coding standards for different 
>projects / companies and would be more than happy to throw one out there 
>as a starting point.
>It covers most things and a few others as well. 
Thanks James for volunteering!   

I think there are three options here:
1) Match and document the client code format that Jeremy said he used 
when reformatting after the client contribution:
( my vote based on  simplicity, laziness, precedent  and the fact that 
most IDE's can easily adapt and often do default to the Sun conventions).

For this you would  just need to verify that there are no other 
variations in client and then wordsmith the text for the website.   (I 
reformatted the client code in Eclipse to the defaults,  at first glance 
I only saw line length diffs.  Lines should be limited to 80 characters 
according to the Sun conventions and is a good change  I think)

2) Adopt one of the other Apache project variations which might seem 
"better" in some way. For example:

3) Something completely different.  (not so keen on this myself)

>I'm sure that when burned, it will create flames at least hot enough to 
>make me run screaming back into lurkersville. 
You can keep your feet out of the fire by attaching  your proposal to 
1363 as an option for consideration by whomever takes on that task.  If 
you like warm feet you can assign yourself to 1363 and post a website 
patch which will give  folks the opportunity to veto.


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