[X] +1  Yes, Halley should become a committer

On 5/1/06, Jean T. Anderson <jta@apache.org> wrote:
This vote is for establishing Halley Pacheco de Oliveira as a
documentation committer for Derby.

Halley has translated the Derby Getting Started Guide and the Derby
Reference to Brazilian Portuguese (DERBY-780, DERBY-1138) and tells me
the Derby Server and Administration Guide is being worked on. Halley has
submitted numerous patches to correct the English documentation
(DERBY-1123, DERBY-1175, DERBY-1194, DERBY-1195, DERBY-1200, DERBY-1203,
DERBY-1207, DERBY-1263, DERBY-1270).

Voting will close 5pm PST Monday, May 8.

[ ] +1  Yes, Halley should become a committer
[ ]  0  I don't care.
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