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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject [PATCH] trivial test harness patch re j9 & 131 jvms
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 20:48:34 GMT

Attached is patch tests_20060531.diff (and stat) for the trunk, which
removes some failures in derbyall runs with less commonly tested jvms
by making a number of minor changes:

- after the fix for DERBY-577 all .java tests that use ext*
directories failed with the 'j9' jvms (wsdd5.6, wctme5.7,
wctme5.7_foundation - i.e. all jvms which have executable 'j9' instead
of java). When I first started working with those jvms it seemed that
those jvms decided another directory was user.dir, and the only
solution I could see at the time was to add a section changing the
directory. Removing the setting of user.dir made all jvms work the
same way, so this if block had to come out, but I had
forgotten...(change to RunTest.java that can only possibly affect j9

- because the j9 jvms do not run with security manager, the output of
the test RunClassPathTester.java cannot be made stable. Adding
RunClassPathTester_app.properties to skip the test with those jvms.

- wctme5.7_foundation required updated master(canon) for
grantRevokeDDL and outparams, and the canon for grantRevoke is no
longer needed.

- upgrade test cannot be run with jdk131, ibm131, wsdd5.6, wctme5.7 or
wctme5.7_foundation because it uses classes not present in those jvms.
Added suites/upgrade.properties to skip.

I tested derbyall with wctme5.7_foundation and wctme5.7, ran affected
tests with wsdd5.6, and upgrade suite with wcmte*, wsdd5.6, ibm131,
jdk131, jdk142.

If a friendly committer can look at this I'd appreciate it.


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