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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: jdk16 and suite derbyall - 128 failures
Date Fri, 19 May 2006 00:21:35 GMT
On 5/18/06, Ole Solberg <Ole.Solberg@sun.com> wrote:
> Olav Sandstaa wrote:
> > Rick Hillegas wrote:
> >
> >> 396638 enabled driver autoloading (DERBY-930). It's the patch which
> >> required us to migrate to Mustang build 81--that build fixes a bug
> >> which short-circuited autoloading from jar files under a
> >> SecurityManager. With DERBY-930 in place, the vm will execute its
> >> autoloading logic when running against jar files. Without DERBY-930,
> >> autoloading will not be triggered.  Have you tried running against an
> >> older Mustang build with DERBY-930 in place?
> >
> > I have run it with build 81 and build 84. I could try to run it against
> > build 78? But as I wrote in the reply to David, I am not convinced this
> > is a VM bug/problem.
> I did a *build and test* on 396638 with b78: nist fails.
> Inspecting the directory where derbyall is executed: "..../testDir/" I
> observe that
> *.diff, *.out, *.tmp, *.tmpstr etc. files and a nist directory from the
> derbyall/nist test run is placed in the 'top level' "testDir/",
> while for other sub-suites the "suite" directories are put inside
> "..../testDir/derbyall/".
> There is also a nist  directory inside "..../testDir/derbyall/", but
> that is empty.
> It seems like the nist test creates "..../testDir/derbyall/nist/", but
> then writes to "..../testDir/" instead of "..../testDir/derbyall/nist/"?

This is a known problem, and it is because the test uses the property
usesystem to not clean up the test dir and run the entire suite
against the same database. So, it has to be somewhere in
RunTest:756-773 where it sets the baseDir for the tests with
usesystem. I haven't had the time to figure out exactly what's going
on and how best to fix it, but if you're interested, that's where to

It would be nice if it were fixed, though, because then I think that
the nist suite's results would properly show up in the test report. (I
think when a nist test fails, it reports the failure in
derbyall_fail.txt, but the diff doesn't show up in
derbyall_report.txt, or at least that's what used to happen with nist


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