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From John Embretsen <John.Embret...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (DERBY-1293) Derby Server and Administration Guide - derby.drda.startNetworkServer
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 08:32:27 GMT
Hi Jeff,

thanks for commenting; now let me recap and respond to your suggestions 

derby@mylevita.com wrote:

> Hi John,  
> This looks good to me.  Just from a consistency standpoint, having written almost all
of the other documentation, there are a couple cosmetic changes I'd recommend to keep this
similar to the rest of the writing:

Just to clarify a bit, can you give me a link to some manual pages 
justifying this consistency argument?

So you basically suggest:

1) removing the first paragraph:

"Use the derby.drda.startNetworkServer property to simplify embedding 
the Network Server in your Java application."

This sentence is part of the original manual page, I just added the word 
"Java". So I guess you are the original writer? Anyway, I thought this 
would help users understand why such a property exists, but the removal 
is OK with me if it helps preserving doc consistency.

> When you set derby.drda.startNetworkServer to true, the Network Server
> will automatically start with Derby (in this context, Derby
> will start when the embedded driver is loaded). Only one Network Server
> can be started in a JVM.

2) replacing "will automatically start when you start Derby" with "will 
automatically start with Derby".

Again, you suggest changing the original wording. I'm OK with it, 
although I think your suggestion is a tiny bit less clear to the reader 
than the original. Please justify why this is better, consistency-wise.

> If you start the Network Server with this
> property, the Network Server will stop when your application ends or
> when you stop it by other means (e.g. by using the Java API or the
> command line interface, or by shutting down the Derby system, whichever
>  comes first).

3) changing "Please be aware that if the Network Server is started using 
this property" with "If you start the Network Server with this property".

Your suggestion is shorter and still sends the same message. I agree 
with this change.

4) moving ", whichever comes first" into the parenthesis.

This change does not make sense to me. The intention was to say that the 
server is stopped either when your application ends or when you stop the 
server by other means, whichever comes first. What is inside the 
parenthesis is just examples of other ways to stop an embedded Network 
Server (could be removed entirely, if it is a cause of confusion).


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