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From David Van Couvering <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Premature end-of-stream in net/Reply.java: should it cause a disconnect?
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 00:03:17 GMT
I am working on internationalizing Reply.java, and there are two 
locations where a premature end of stream exception is thrown.  In one 
of them, it is thrown as a DisconnectException, which terminates the 
connection.  In the other it is thrown as a regular SqlException, which 
does *not* terminate the exception.  I am looking for guidance on this. 
  My intuition tells me that a premature end of stream is cause for a 
disconnect, but I'd like the opinions of others.

For reference, the exception around line 280 causes a disconnect.  The 
one that does not cause a disconnect is around line 410.

For now, I'm leaving the logic as-is.  Even if we decide it's incorrect, 
I would log it as a separate JIRA rather than attach this bugfix as a 
"rider" to a bunch of i18n changes.



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