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From "Rodrigo Madera" <rodrigo.mad...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Code formatting debate, confusion and wasted time , Has it gone on long enough?
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 23:34:52 GMT
One thing there is to learn from all this: Set standards BEFORE the
project starts.

I'm really scared of the consequences of losing blame/praise
information. It's like erasing our parents...

Yeah... I will never start a project without having a written coding standard!!


On 5/31/06, Andreas Korneliussen <andreas.korneliussen@sun.com> wrote:
> Rick Hillegas wrote:
> > Before injecting a massive singularity into our code archaeology, I
> > would like to better understand the passionate objection to tabs. Let me
> > explain my perspective: I use a crude, old-fashioned editor called
> > emacs. My tabs are configured at 4 space intervals. With this setting, I
> > almost never have a problem reading the existing code. So who is having
> > problems and why? Do other people's IDEs silently bulk reformat the
> Some files, which have a mix of tabs and spaces, can sometimes become
> rather unreadable.
> > code? Can that behavior be disabled? Could we be satisfied with the
> > following simple rules, which used to satisfy us nine years ago:
> >
> > 1) Ladies and gentlemen, set your tabs to four spaces.
> > 2) Don't bulk reformat other people's code.
> >
> I do not think that is enough, since it does not deal with the problem
> of files which have a mix of tabs and spaces.
> You could add:
> 3) A file should be consistent in its use of spaces vs. tabs. If a file
> uses spaces for indentation, no tabs are allowed into that file.
> The problem with rule 3, is of course that developers need to set up
> their tools based on which file they are modifying. It is easier if all
> files have the same indentation-style. Therefore I support getting a
> well-defined code-format in Derby.
> -- Andreas

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