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From Anders Morken <ander...@stud.ntnu.no>
Subject Multiple cache managers in Derby?
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 15:53:58 GMT
Derby might have more than one cache manager pretty soon, and as I've
been reading source code I've pondered how new cache managers should be
wired into Derby. If we don't change any existing interfaces only one
cache manager will be used, and it will be chosen at Derby boot time.

I'm thinking it could be useful to give different cache users (i.e. the
statement cache vs the page cache) some influence on how their data
should be handled by the cache, perhaps choosing between different cache
managers in the call to the cache factory methods. We'd need to modify
the CacheFactory interface for that.

I've been looking at a number of modern buffer management algorithms in
the last few days including LRU-k (LRU-2) [1], 2Q [2] and ARC [3]. While
they all claim a performance advantage over good old LRU, especially
when handling scans, they all seem to be geared towards storage
buffering, and they jump through some hoops in order to handle
sequential scans and very random workloads well. ARC in particular seems
to be geared for storage systems with higher-level caches filtering load
for them, not databases.

In the end, this makes me wonder whether it would make sense to use
plain and simple LRU (or perhaps the good old clock) for generic caches
such as the statement cache and then possibly add one of the new & fancy
algorithms for page buffering?

Thanks for any input on this,

[1] http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~christos/courses/721-resources/p297-o_neil.pdf
[2] http://www.vldb.org/conf/1994/P439.PDF
[3] http://almaden.ibm.com/cs/people/dmodha/arcfast.pdf
Anders Morken

Trying to bend his head around the synchronization details in the clock
cache manager =)

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