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From Øystein Grøvlen (JIRA) <derby-...@db.apache.org>
Subject [jira] Commented: (DERBY-717) update doc on updatable cursors
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 12:31:30 GMT
    [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-717?page=comments#action_12412758 ] 

Øystein Grøvlen commented on DERBY-717:

Good start, but you have not found all places in the documentation
that needs to be changed.  I suggest doing the following Google
search, and go through each hit:

"updatable site:db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev"

I looked through the first hits and see my comments below for these.
You should probably do the same for "scroll" and for "FOR UPDATE" too.

Detailed comments:

Dev. guide:

Scrolling insensitive ResultSets:
    - "The materialized rows _may_ be backed to disk". I suggest
    - Is it possible to tune the amount of memory used by
      scroll-insensitive Result Sets?
    - I think this page should say that both read-only and updatable
      are possible.
    - "all rows _become_ materialized".  I suggest _will be_

Updatable cursors and result set:
    - I feel that the doc is not consistent with respect to definition
      of cursors and result sets. The first page on result sets says:
          "A cursor provides you with the ability to step through and
          process the rows in a ResultSet one by one."  
      You say: 
          "Scrollable updatable result sets are based on cursors which
          can both scroll and update rows."
      This seems like opposite views or may be circular definition.
      Is cursors based on result sets or result sets based on cursors?
      Generally, it is not clear to me if you have any rules for when
      to talk about result sets and when to talk about cursors.  
    - Spelling: "postioned"
    - It would be a good with a reference to a definition of
      "positioned updates and deletes"
    - I am not sure everybody will understand the meaning of
      "ResultSet.updateXXX() + ResultSet.updateRow()".  Is this common
      notation in the docs?  I suggest you come up with another way to
      express this.  If you disagree, at least write the '+' in text
      font and not code font.
    - "Both scrollable and forward only cursors _can_ be updatable". I
      suggest _may_.  Why do you choose to talk about cursors here and
      not result sets?  I would suggest to focus on result sets and
      only use cursors where you need to talk about SQL cursors (e.g.,
    - "query producing the cursor" sounds a bit strange to me.  I also
      wonder whether one should use "statement" instead of "query"
    - It would be good with a reference to somewhere in the manual
      where it is described how to handle warnings like the one
      described here.
    - "Query compilation fails if the query is not updatable, and
      contains a FOR UPDATE clause."  Is the comma correct here?
    - A reference to the definition of "update lock" would be good.
    - "if you need to actually update the rows". I suggest "if you
      actually need to update the rows".
    - "which can both scroll and update rows".  Sounds a bit strange
      to me.  

Forward only updatable result sets
    - Headings in the Dev. Guide are not consistent with respect to
      "ResultSets" vs.  "result sets"
    - "cursors which can move forward and update rows".  Would you
      call it a cursor if could not move forward? :-)
    - "On cursor held on commit" sounds strange.  I suggest "cursors
      held open after a commit".  This phrase is used in the "Holdable
      cursors" chapter. Or maybe you should use result set instead of
      cursor here.  Here you talk about operations on cursors, what
      about operations on result sets?

Holdable cursors
    - For scrollable result sets, I do not think it is true that
      next() and close() are the only valid operations after a commit.

Inserting rows with updatable result sets

    - "qualifies to the query condition".  How about "satifies the
      query predicate"
    - "after the current row". Is it obvious what this means?  What
      defines the ordering here?
    - ",i.e if the result set is not fully populated." I would drop
      ", i.e.".  I also wonder whether the meaning of "is not fully
      populated" will be meaningful to the reader.

Scrollable updatable result sets
    - The term "scrollable" is not used in the manual prior to your
      changes.  I think that indicates that a job is needed to make
      the terminology consistent.  Either, you need to keep on using
      the old terminology, or you need to update the old text to use
    - I think the introduction to the deleteRow example should say
      that it deletes the 5th from last row.
    - Visibility, 2nd bullet.  I suggest making this note part of the
      1st bullet.
    - Visibility, 3rd bullet. I suggest "Changes caused by other
      statements and triggers within the same transaction are considered
      as other changes, and are not visible in scroll insensitive
      result sets."  I am not sure that you need to mention changes by
      other transaction since that should be obvious.  If you think
      that is needed, I suggest adding another statement for that.
    - Visibility, 4th bullet. "it has been on the last row" sounds a
      bit strange.  I also think you need to define "populated"
    - Visibility, last bullet. "_may_ return true if ..."  Is this not
    - "after they were _populated_ to the result set".  I would say it
      is a result set that is populated, not the rows.  Or can someone
      be populated to a city?  :-)
    - "columns being changed _will_ be overwritten".  I suggest "_may_
      be overwritten"
    - It would be good to give the SQLSTATE for the warning you get
      when a row has been deleted.
    - I still don't like "held over a commit"
    - "If you use cursors held across commits,". I suggest "For a
      cursor held open after a commit"
    - "held cursors".  I think it should be "holdable cursors"

Extended updatable cursor example
    - Comment says auto-commit needs to be off.  The section
      "ResultSets and auto-commit" says the opposite.  The section
      "Using auto-commit" also says updatable cursors do not work with
      auto-commit on.  At least one of those must be wrong.
    - I think this example should be reworked to use updatable
      ResultSet instead of "WHERE CURRENT OF".  It would also be good
      if it used ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE instead of FOR UPDATE.

Update locks
    - Is FOR UPDATE still required to get update locks?

Reference guide:

For UPDATE clause:
    - "ResultSet" => "JDBC ResultSet"
SELECT statement:
    - Suggest rephrasing third paragraph to:
        "In order to get an updatable JDBC ResultSet, you do not need
        to include a FOR UPDATE clause. Instead, you can specify
        concurrency mode ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE when creating the
    - Suggest putting the heading "Requirements for updatable cursors
      ..." above the preceding paragraph.
    - Do we need to specify the whole truth here?  Maybe it would be
      better to focus on the use of CONCUR_UPDATABLE for ResultSets
      and mention FOR UPDATE only in the context of SQL cursors?
    - "Cursors are read-only by default."  I suggest moving this to
      the start of the third paragraph.

SQLState and error message reference
    - 01J03 "Scroll sensitive and scroll insensitive updatable
      ResultSets are not currently implemented."  Hopefully, this
      error text has been changed.


    - "you can only request an updatable ResultSet that has a
      TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY scrolling type"  !!!

Admin. guide:

Updatable Result Sets:
    - Any changes to what is supported?

Differences between the embedded client and the network client driver
    - Is it still true that scrollable does not support LOBs?

Tools guide:

Get Scroll Insensitive Cursor
    - "Scroll insensitive cursors are not updatable."

> update doc on updatable cursors
> -------------------------------
>          Key: DERBY-717
>          URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-717
>      Project: Derby
>         Type: Improvement

>   Components: Documentation
>     Versions:
>     Reporter: Andreas Korneliussen
>     Assignee: Andreas Korneliussen
>     Priority: Minor
>  Attachments: DERBY-717.diff, DERBY-717.stat, DERBY-717v2.diff, DERBY-717v3.diff, DERBY-717v3.stat,
derby-717.tar.gz, derby-717v3.tar.gz
> The new features introduced in DERBY-690, DERBY-231, DERBY-775  and DERBY-100 should
be documented in the Derby developer guide.
> This includes:
> * updatable cursors do longer need to "FOR UPDATE" clause
> * Scrollable insensitive resultsets can be updatable
> * ResultSet.insertRow()

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