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From "Deepa Remesh" <drem...@gmail.com>
Subject Upgrade Testing - more tests needed for 10.2 ?
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 22:06:35 GMT

I have been working on making the upgrade tests run as part of
derbyall and noticed that there is only one test
(caseReusableRecordIdSequenceNumber) which has been specifically added
for 10.2. The javadoc comment for UpgradeTester class lists what is
tested for 10.1. I think we need a similar list for 10.2 and maybe,
more tests for any new features.

Andrew mentioned he is working on getting the jars in the repository
and I am working on using these repository jars and defining a
standard way to run the test so that it can run as part of derbyall. 
I plan to document this in readme/building.txt once everything is in
place. For now, to run upgrade tests, we need to pass in the location
of previous version jar ( as follows:
java -Djvmflags=-DderbyTesting.oldJarLocation=<location of 10.1 jars>

NOTE: Test runs with jar files in the classpath. It does not run with
classes folder.

Please feel free to add more 10.2 tests to UpgradeTester while rest of
the testing infrastructure is being set up.


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