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From Vemund Ostgaard <Vemund.Ostga...@Sun.COM>
Subject java.lang.RuntimePermission getProtectionDomain in derbynet/sysinfo.java
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:01:09 GMT
The following two tests have been failing when I have run 


The reason is that the test fails to get the permission for doing 
getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource() on class com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver:

--------- Derby Information --------
JRE - JDBC: J2SE 5.0 - JDBC 3.0
[/export/home/tmp/jagtmp/vo136787derbynetclientmats/install/lib/derby.jar] alpha - (392791)
[/export/home/tmp/jagtmp/vo136787derbynetclientmats/install/lib/derbyclient.jar] alpha - (392791)
[/export/home/tmp/jagtmp/vo136787derbynetclientmats/install/lib/derbynet.jar] alpha - (392791)
[/export/home/tmp/jagtmp/vo136787derbynetclientmats/install/lib/derbytools.jar] alpha - (392791)
[Unable to access Protection Domain or Code Source for class class 
com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver: access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission 
getProtectionDomain)] 2.4 - (17)
2.4 - (17)

After quite a bit of reading and testing it seems to me that the tests 
fail when db2jcc.jar is located in the same directory as the derby*.jar 
files, if I move it to a different directory the tests succeed. So, I am 
wondering, should the tests run ok also when db2jcc.jar is in the same 
directory as the derby jars? Is there a rule that these files should be 
put somewhere else?

I am a bit surprised about the behaviour/configuration of the 
securitymanager in these networkclient tests, though I don't know much 
about it. I am allowed to know that a driver was loaded from a jar file 
in a different directory but not that it was loaded from a copy of the 
same jar file in the same directory?  Anyone know why this is?


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