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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject updateRow() behavior difference between client and embedded drivers - which is right?
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 23:26:30 GMT
In inspecting the exceptions across client and embedded drivers, I 
noticed that in the method updateRow(), if the current row has not been 
modified, the client throws an exception.  However, the embedded driver 
returns without taking any action and does not throw an exception.

The JavaDoc for updateRow() says nothing about what behavior is expected.

Does anyone know which one is correct?  Given a choice, I would prefer 
the more forgiving implementation in the embedded driver.  An alternate 
is to throw a SQLWarning rather than a SQLException.

Once I have a better sense of what the right behavior is, I can log a 
bug about this and attach it to our list of inconsistencies.



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