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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-1107) For existing databases JDBC metadata queries do not get updated properly between maintenance versions.
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2006 21:11:03 GMT

Kathey Marsden wrote:

>Satheesh Bandaram wrote:
>I think on this one,  we just need to get the DERBY-1076 patch
>committed. I think that Deepa is working to get  upgrade tests   into
>derbyall so we don't have to .worry so much about regressions in this area.
Right... It would be great to have the tests done and be part of
derbyAll.  But not sure if adding of new tests should stop development
that passes current Derby checkin criteria of clean derbyAll.

>I think that the fact that we still don't yet have upgrade tests in 
>derbyall should make metadata checkins code YELLOW.
>I think folks making metadata changes should make sure the ugprade tests
>pass and masters are updated.
This is a good suggestion... It should be good to ask for this test to
be run as part of metadata changes?

>The blockage was based on the fact that we once had an irreconcilable
>downgrade bug and seemed to be set up for that again.    Where an
>incompatible change was made to the metadata  statements  and that could
>not be fixed.  I hope folks interested in modifying metadata will
>continue to  make progress on  the metadata upgrade strategy  and get
>DERBY-1107 resolved in 10.1 and trunk to avoid a similar unfortunate
What was the code change that caused this problem in 5.1? You have
provided symptoms of the problem. It would be good to understand the
code change that cause this symptom.

Again, I am not sure if DERBY-1107 should stop metadata developments.
Wasn't this "issue" present from the beginning?


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