Well, this is handled differently by a variety of vendors.  For example Oracle and the IBM DB2 drivers currently throw an exception for every case except ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE, ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE

Some other vendors only follow the guidelines in the javadocs as to when they throw a SQLException.

So as i said earlier, not a straightforward and quick answer on this i am afraid


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(reposting a mail comment by Bernt. -Dag)

Dag H. Wanvik (JIRA) wrote (2006-02-27 15:44:44):
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I checked how the trigger situation is handled in Oracle, since they
do support Scrollable updatable insensitive result sets. In essence
they take that approach that:

     - refreshRow will update the result set with the values of the
       underlying database, even for insensitive result sets.

The API (1.4.2) spec of refreshRow states:

   All values are refetched subject to the transaction isolation level
   and cursor sensitivity. 

Hence there is a difference in behaviour wrt sensitivity. This can
only imply that refreshRow is a null-operation for insensitive
resultsets. This is also in agreement with the tutorial as others had
pointed out(See refreshRow on page 759).

We should also strive to make "insensitivity" as close to the SQL
defintion as possible (SQL 2003 p. 96):

   A change to SQL-data is said to be independent of a cursor CR if
   and only if it is not made by an <update statement: positioned> or a
   <delete statement: positioned> that is positioned on CR.

   A change to SQL-data is said to be significant to CR if and only if
   it is independent of CR, and, had it been committed before CR was
   opened, would have caused the table associated with the cursor to
   be different in any respect.

   A change to SQL-data is said to be visible to CR if and only if it
   has an effect on CR by inserting a row in CR, deleting a row from
   CR, changing the value of a column of a row of CR, or reordering
   the rows of CR.


   - If the cursor is insensitive, then significant changes are not visible.


Add scrollable, updatable, insensitive result sets

         Key: DERBY-690
         URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-690
     Project: Derby
        Type: New Feature
  Components: JDBC
    Reporter: Dag H. Wanvik
    Assignee: Dag H. Wanvik
    Priority: Minor
 Attachments: DERBY-690-v1.diff, DERBY-690-v1.stat, DERBY-690-v2.diff, DERBY-690-v2.stat, SURChanges-v1.pdf, sur-proposal.txt, writeup-v1.html, writeup-v2.html

JDBC result sets are created with three properties: type, concurrency
and holdability. The type can be one of TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY,
be one of CONCUR_READ_ONLY and CONCUR_UPDATABLE. The holdability can
JDBC allows the full cross product of these. SQL 2003 prohibits the
combination is supported by some vendors, notably Oracle.
Currently, Derby supports JDBC result sets in a limited
way. Holdability is supported. Furthermore, the following is
	   - forward-only, read-only 
	   - forward-only, updatable (update, delete, but not insert)
	     Also, in the network driver, support for some data types
	     conversions is missing.
	   - scroll insensitive, read-only
We (Fernanda and Andreas will cooperate with me on this) propose a
plan to add support for the combination:
	   - scroll insensitive, updatable
for both the embedded driver and the network client driver. 
As a part of this we would also like to add the missing insert
operation to the {forward-only, updatable} result sets (JIRA-100), and
remove the requirement for an explicit "FOR UPDATE" clause in the SQL
query to achieve updatability if CONCUR_UPDATABLE is specified
The full proposal text is uploaded as an attachment, including a proposed
functional specification.
This JIRA will  be used to track sub-issues for this effort. The sub-issues will be linked back to this issue.