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From "Myrna van Lunteren" <m.v.lunte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: access denied test diffs in Rick's environment
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2006 15:16:31 GMT
I am not sure why - I think, however, that there's something happening with
the derby_tests.policy file. It grants the following:

  // Access all properties using System.getProperties
  permission java.util.PropertyPermission "*", "read, write";

to codeclasses, derbyTesting.jar and derbytools.jar.

However, sysinfo, accessing java.class.path, lives in both derbytools.jarand
derby.jar and also in derbynet.jar. So, I imagine, when running with jars,
if derby.jar is first in the classpath, that will be the sysinfo that is
being picked up, and so, it can't access java.class.path.

I do not know if it would be ok to always (i.e., for derby.jar) grant access
to that specific property. Would that pose a security risk in some way?


On 3/24/06, Bryan Pendleton <bpendleton@amberpoint.com> wrote:
> > 4) My classpath is wired together out of the classtree under
> > trunk/classes and the jar files in trunk/tools/java.
> Thanks, Rick, that was exactly the clue I needed.
> I've been running solely from jars, both sane and insane.
> When I re-wired my classpath to run directly from trunk/classes,
> I got exactly the error you describe.
> Rick, can you file a bug and assign it to me?
> Meanwhile, can some of the security experts help me out a bit
> with the policy file? Why is it that the sysinfo code is
> permitted to read the java.class.path property when running
> from the classes directory, but is denied access to that property
> when running from jars?
> thanks,
> bryan

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