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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Should we vote on it? (was Re: Discussion (in preparation for a vote) on interface stability table)
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:25:46 GMT
On 3/30/06, David W. Van Couvering <David.Vancouvering@sun.com> wrote:
>  > Just on first glance the table is fairly restrictive, but generally
>  > looks good. I would think that environment variables and install
>  > directory hierarchy would be marked unstable, since it seems
>  > reasonable that we could change our use of environment variables
>  > (since they're only used in the scripts) or move things around in the
>  > distributions between minor releases.
> Isn't it possible that scripts written by our users would also make use
> of (e.g. set) environment variables and depend on the install directory
> hierarchy?  That said, as long as we're clear as to how stable these
> interfaces are, our users can be made aware of that and take the
> necessary precautions (like define directory paths in a variable rather
> than hardcode them).

I don't think much change will actually be happening to either the
variables or layout, I just don't think it is unreasonable to be able
to change them significantly, if we wanted to, in a minor release,
since they are not "core" APIs as such. I would certainly expect them
to remain stable for maintenance/point releases, though.


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