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From "Andrew McIntyre" <mcintyr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: vs
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2006 20:18:03 GMT
On 3/9/06, Daniel John Debrunner <djd@apache.org> wrote:
> That's fine bumping the version number, but there has not been a
> release. So I don't think be in the release products
> section of Jira?

I had just been marking the release flag for the snapshot versions so
that it sorted nicely in the edit/comment screens. If you feel that
listing in the released products section is deceptive, I'll
uncheck the flag. After looking around quite a bit, I can't actually
find anyplace where the release is described as a snapshot other than
the description field where I entered it in the admin screens, so I
can understand that position.

But, neither do I like the idea of JIRA filling up with dozens of
unreleased versions. But, I guess we can archive old versions once
there's really no activity around them, so I don't have particularly
strong feelings about that, either. E.g. we should probably archive
the 10.0 versions around the time 10.3 is released. Archiving the
version in JIRA just means it no longer shows up in the edit screens.


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