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From Michelle Caisse <Michelle.Cai...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Looking for good test suite to test Grant & Revoke functionality ...
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 00:17:13 GMT
Sure, I will add the license and some additional comments to the JIRA.  
The code definitely will need some porting and other rework.  As I said, 
let me know if you need more information about what the calls do.

-- Michelle

Satheesh Bandaram wrote:

>Hi Michelle,
>Thanks for contributing the test. Looking at the test code briefly, I
>noticed following:
>   1. The test doesn't have ASF license at the top. Would it be possible
>      to include ASF license blurp at the top and contribute that? You
>      can find that license info on any Java file in Derby test or code
>      files.
>   2. There does seem to be dependency on other com.sun packages. It may
>      be possible to remove them by rewriting calls to those.
>   3. Some of the SQLs need to be changed... Current DERBY-464 proposal
>      doesn't support WITH GRANT OPTION or some of the system privileges
>      (USAGE clause)
>The test seems good.... Need to spend some time making it working for Derby.
>Michelle Caisse wrote:
>>Hi Satheesh,
>>I've attached some code to DERBY-464 that may be useful as the basis
>>of a grant/revoke test.  It comes from the Sun HADB test suite.  If
>>you decide to use it, let me know if you need any of the classes it
>>depends on.
>>-- Michelle
>>Satheesh Bandaram wrote:
>>>As I am wrapping up Grant & Revoke functionality being tracked under
>>>DERBY-464 (except for views, triggers and constraints part), I am
>>>looking for good way to test new functionality. While I have added
>>>two new tests, grantRevokeDDL.sql and grantRevoke.java, I am looking
>>>to expand test coverage to try some real schemas and usages. Some
>>>ideas are:
>>>   1. Try converting existings tests to new SQL authorization mode.
>>>      *nist *suite seems like a good candidate. It already enables
>>>      authentication and has authorization statements under comments.
>>>      I will have to change nist suite to grant required object
>>>      privileges and adjust test suite to work-around extra
>>>      restrictions current implementation has. I have already tried
>>>      running nist under SQL authorization and initial run caused
>>>      about* 40* test failures out of 126 tests. After changing tests
>>>      a little, I have brought down failures to about 20 tests. I
>>>      will need to further change tests to add grant statements to
>>>      get the test to pass.
>>>   2. Import a suitable test in open source world with compatible
>>>      license. Any ideas here?
>>>   3. Write one from scratch. Might take reasonable amount of time.
>>>Thanks for any suggestions,

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