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From "David W. Van Couvering" <David.Vancouver...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-1075) Combine the script and the test available for upgrade testing into a java test
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 21:24:43 GMT
Hi, Yeradis.  Thanks for your email.  I'm glad you liked my blog -- 
thanks for your comment!  It's great to get to know you, if only 

You can read 24 languages?  Wow!  Here in the USA it is so easy to be 
lazy and just speak and read English.  Even when you travel to other 
places, so many people speak English, so it's hard to be motivated to 
learn another language.

For example, if you haven't noticed, I work with a group of Norwegians, 
and I go over to visit from time to time.  I've wanted to learn 
Norwegian, but every time I go over there, they speak such perfect 
English, that it just seems silly for me to struggle along in Norwegian. 
  So I never learn it...


yeradis wrote:
> hi David
> i hope you and your family be ok really
> and this too for all the derby world ;-)
> i will not do that question about the backup system ;-) :-p
> because i'm the first person who dont use it and by that mistake , i los 
> 6 months of work
> because i was trusted  on hardware backup
> but with storm there is no way to trust in anything
> jajaajaja  :-/ i luagh to no cry :-s
> by the way i was  read the lines that are in your blog
> really , thanks to you and to every body that has the amiability to do 
> this thinks
> i mean contributions to all us with some comment , some project
> and is true you are right , the english is not my language
> i speak and write it like a parrot (tucan for example)
> but i;m looky i read it very well ;-)
> thats  enought starting in the way that i read 24 languages
> other not so good by i defend me in reading :-p
> and if i cant read something there is my good friend Google :-p with the 
> translator ;-)
> thanks again
> On 3/22/06, *David W. Van Couvering* <David.Vancouvering@sun.com 
> <mailto:David.Vancouvering@sun.com>> wrote:
>     Well that really, really sucks.  It appears that my version of
>     DerbyLoader.java on disk is corrupt, and that is my *only* copy.  Don't
>     get me started on why I don't yet have a working backup strategy.
>     I know what I need to do and can do it again, but that was a lot of
>     work
>     down the drain.  Sigh...
>     Basically what I had written was a "child-first" classloader that loads
>     from its search path *before* it loads from the parent.  I don't think
>     you really need that, Deepa, your classloader works fine.  The usage of
>     interfaces that you see in the rest of the code would work just as well
>     for a standard URLClassLoader.
>     David
>     Deepa Remesh (JIRA) wrote:
>      >      [ http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-1075?page=all ]
>      >
>      > Deepa Remesh updated DERBY-1075:
>      > --------------------------------
>      >
>      >     Attachment: derby-1075-v2.diff
>      >                 derby-1075-v2.status
>      >
>      > Thanks Andreas for pointing out the new case added to
>     phaseTester. I had not noticed the change as it was committed after
>     I uploaded my first patch. I have added this test to UpgradeTester
>     and also updated the master. The new patch is uploaded as
>     'derby-1075-v2.diff'. With this patch, I have built and run the new
>     upgrade test on WinXP using Sun JDK 1.4.2. Once this patch gets
>     reviewed and committed, it will replace phaseTester.java and
>     runPhases.ksh and we can remove these files.
>      >
>      > David, thanks for uploading your classloader work. I extracted
>     the jar file using jar command but I find DerbyLoader.java in
>     unreadable format. I am curious to understand what you have done but
>     do not plan to work on it immediately. So whenever you get time,
>     please check the jar file to see if you are able to read
>     DerbyLoader.java.
>      >
>      >
>      >>Combine the script and the test available for upgrade testing
>     into a java test
>      >>------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>      >>
>      >>         Key: DERBY-1075
>      >>         URL: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-1075
>      >>     Project: Derby
>      >>        Type: Sub-task
>      >>    Reporter: Deepa Remesh
>      >>    Assignee: Deepa Remesh
>      >>    Priority: Minor
>      >>     Fix For: <>
>      >> Attachments: classloader.jar, derby-1075-patch1-draft.diff,
>     derby-1075-patch1-draft.status, derby-1075-v1.diff,
>     derby-1075-v1.status, derby-1075-v2.diff, derby-1075-v2.status,
>     loader.java, loader_v2.java
>      >>
>      >>Separating a part of DERBY-514 into a sub-task. This sub-task is
>     to combine the script 'runphases.ksh' and the java file
>     'phaseTester.java' into a single java test. This will help to later
>     add the upgrade tests into the regression suite. Also, this sub-task
>     can be done independent of DERBY-1049 which is blocking DERBY-514.
>      >
>      >

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