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From Mayuresh Nirhali <Mayuresh.Nirh...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Build failed for TESTING target
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 06:19:17 GMT
ant clobber - ant all works neat !!

thanks !

Andrew McIntyre wrote:

>On 3/21/06, Mayuresh Nirhali <Mayuresh.Nirhali@sun.com> wrote:
>>I updated my trunk today morning and the "testing" target fails for me
>>with following error message.
>>The build for 'demo' target goes fine. The required class in the
>>following compile activity is not found in "classes" directory though.
>>    [javac] Compiling 101 source files to
>>    [javac]
>>package toursdb does not exist
>>    [javac] import toursdb.insertMaps;
>>    [javac]                ^
>It appears that the test for building the toursdb demo database cannot
>find the helper class toursdb.insertMaps, which should be compiled as
>part of the demo target as you mentioned. My suggestion would be to
>run 'ant clobber' and then 'ant all' again to make sure that you're
>running a totally clean build. Also, check the output of svn stat to
>make sure that there were no local changes that conflicted with the
>update you made earlier.
>Someone else had a similar problem, I think after the svn up,
>something is left over that prevents Ant from recognizing that
>insertMaps needs to be compiled. Running 'ant clobber' should
>hopefully fix the problem.

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