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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Not allowed to delete from Jira anymore?
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 10:53:16 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:

>On 3/13/06, Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waagan@sun.com> wrote:
>>Have I missed why we are not allowed to delete stuff from Jira anymore?
>>I saw Kathey was unable to delete a comment, and I am not able to delete
>>an attachment I would like to replace.
>>I tried deleting from a issue I both reported and was assigned to (I was
>>even logged in!), but the delete controls are not there anymore.
>>Is this a change of policy, or just a issue that will go away in a
>>little while?
>I was concerned last week when an entire issue was deleted, and I
>double-checked the permissions and some permissions (like delete) were
>granted too widely, in my opinion, allowing any jira user to perform
>them. Deleting an issue (which is then not recoverable), I restricted
>to the derby-administrators group, although I had not realized at the
>time that the delete privilege covers the ability to delete comment
>and attachments as well, a bit of poor granularity on the part of
>JIRA's permissions schemes.
>Others on the list have requested that patches and comments not be
>deleted from JIRA so that there is a record of how patches progress,
>along with all relevant comments, so I'm tempted to leave it as-is.
>Anyone else feel differently? The permanent deletion of issues is a
>bad thing, I sort of hoped that JIRA would actually keep the records,
>but it appears not. But if people really want to be able to delete
>comments, I can give the derby-developers group the delete permission
Okay, thanks for the explanation.
It was me that deleted a Jira entry, when I found out that a sub-task 
can only be made from clicking the "Create sub task" link, and not 
through the "Create issue" dialog. Guess I should have notified the list 
about it.

Anyway, in general I agree that things should not be deleted, but 
sometimes I feel the need to delete attachments - or actually replace one. 
I have a Jira where I uploaded a file recently, and noone has probably 
looked at the file yet. The problem is that I made a last minute change 
which caused the file not to compile, and I don't see any good reason 
for keeping it on Jira.

The regular developer should in my opinion only be able to delete 
her/his own comments and attachments.


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