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From Fernanda Pizzorno <Fernanda.Pizzo...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Subject: Detectability of updates in DRDA
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 11:24:21 GMT
Bryan Pendleton wrote:

>> For updates, is is not exactly what we want, since we do not intend to
>> requalify a row after it has been updated (thereby possibly making it
>> an "update hole").
> Would it be possible for you to expand on this? I've read through your
> message several times, and I've also read through Appendix B of DRDA V.1
> several times, and I'm still struggling to understand the details here.
> If you could perhaps just give a short example of a table with a couple
> rows, and a cursor which has this problem, so that I can understand
> this better, I'd be most grateful.
> thanks,
> bryan
We want to scrollable insensitive updatable result sets to be able to
detect own updates. So the JDBC ResultSet.rowUpdated() method should
return true if the row has been visibly updated by the owner or
someone else.

If we have the following result set:

ID    Name
--    ------------------
1     Fernanda

we update the name:

ID    Name
--    ------------------
1     Fernanda Pizzorno

if we later call the rowUpdated() method while positioned on the updated
row, this method should return true.

What we are looking for is a mechanism that we can use to implement the
ResultSet#rowUpdated() method.


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