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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: [OPTIMIZER] Optimizer "timeout" for subqueries?
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 18:18:03 GMT

Army wrote:

> After re-reading what I wrote, I realized we have a basis for logic to
> only reset the timeout state when it could potentially be beneficial
> to do so--i.e. when we have predicates pushed from the outer query.
> I could add logic to check to see if the OptimizerImpl has predicates
> from outer queries and, if so, then reset the timeout state; 

Good plan. So in your example OI_SQ would be reoptimized by resetting
the timeout only if join-predicates could come from OI_OQ? I hope we are
able to correctly recognize the cases where there may be mulitple
OptimizerImpl for each subquery. If there is another OI_SQ1 which may
have new join-predicates this round, your changes would not reset
timeout for OI_SQ?


> otherwise, since the subquery's "best plan" probably won't change much
> from the previous round, we would leave the timeout state as it is. 
> This approach allows the optimizer to consider plans that use pushed
> predicates while at the same time reducing the likelihood that queries
> which have timed out in the past (prior to 10.2) would now take longer
> to compile.
> I'll code that up and run derbyall tonight; in the meantime, I'd still
> like to hear comments/suggestions from any readers out there...
> Thanks,
> Army

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