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From Susan Cline <home4...@pacbell.net>
Subject XML support in 10.2 - selecting values of an XML element in an order by query?
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 18:19:21 GMT

I've looked at some of the tests for the XML support but I am still 
confused if this is possible or not.  Given a table created with
an xml column:

create table xmlTab (id integer, xml_col xml);

Containing these two xml documents:



I'd like to come up with a query that returns results ordered by 
firstname (or any other element in the XML document.)

So, in this example the document with the id of "2" would appear in 
the result of the select before the document with the id of "1".  

If this query is possible, can someone please post an example?

The other question I have is which other supporting jar files I need 
to issue this query?  I think I need the following (but can someone 
confirm if specific versions are required?):




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