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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject Re: [doc] future docs
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 17:49:58 GMT

--- scott hutinger <s-hutinger@wiu.edu> wrote:

> Since bookmarks and TOC (in url form) sort of clash,
> any good ideas 
> about where to put links (not bookmarks).
> I am thinking it might be wise to jump up to the
> DITA-2.1 beta (except 
> for the build).  Although my initial investigation
> into this showed a 
> difference in the globals that we use, which broke
> the build.  Hopefully 
> it will fix some of the broken items, as xslt gets a
> bit messy (to me).  
> Also the FOP changes coming down the pipeline seem
> to have a direct 
> impact on what direction (I take) with fixes (ie TOC
> (table of contents)).
> Currently my build at work is having problems
> (linux) from a fresh co 
> yesterday.
> Any ideas on the best method to do the switch?  I
> still have some 
> changes that haven't been incorporated into the
> build, and are hanging 
> around somewhere.  Possibly a working svn branch? 
> XSLT debugging is 
> sometimes a pain to setup; depending on the build
> target...
> thanks,
> scott
Hi Scott,

I've played around with the DITA 1.2 (not 2.1, its the
other way around) :)  a little bit these past few
weeks.  There are some problems with the java files in
it that they have submitted patches for, but you need
to get the dita source files, apply the patch, and
recompile in order to get it working.  Otherwise, the
toolkit doesnt build our Derby project.

I agree that we should move to 1.2 though, as soon as
they release a binary distribution that includes the
patches.  1.2 handles links a lot better, as you
stated, and it moves us closer and closer to not
having to mod the xsl file each time.

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