Thanks Mike.

I agree, if we did not get the needed info (scenario, repro etc.) for DERBY-749 all this time, I see no reason why it has
to be kept critical.

For DERBY-830, can David please confirm if it is still a valid issue and need to remain open. From the comments
the test seem to pass for Dan on XP.


On 2/2/06, Mike Matrigali <> wrote:
As to DERBY-749 I have requested multiple times more information, and
not gotten anything.  Given that it is likely to get closed with no
fix intended.

Rajesh Kartha wrote:
> Hello,
> I was reviewing the list of open JIRA issues for Derby and noticed there
> are some 'Critical'
> issues that remain 'Unassigned'.
> < >
> Does anybody have any comments or plan to work on the following?
> Type  JIRA ID         Summary
>                                           Assigned
> Updated
> Test  DERBY-830   lang/dcl.sql is failing
>                                Unassigned  20/Jan/06
> Bug   DERBY-749   Corrupt Database after high cpu usage
> Unassigned  14/Dec/05
> Bug   DERBY-616   create index can fail under the SecurityManager
> Unassigned  11/Oct/05
>                              when trying to access files in the tmp
> folder of
>                              a database
> In addition, for the following issue there has been no updates for some
> time.
> Scott, can you please share your progress, if you are actively working
> on this.
> New   DERBY-396   Support for ALTER STATEMENT to DROP ,         Scott
>       28/Dec/05
> Feature                   MODIFY, RENAME a COLUMN
>                   MacDonald
> The following issues of regression failure were discussed on derby-dev -
> the v10.2
> behavior seems appropriate  and the v10.1 tests needs to be fixed.
> Having said that,
> I don't think they need to remain 'Critical' anymore.
> Bug   DERBY-881   jdbcapi/ fails for server (
> <>)    Unassigned   31/Jan/06
>                              and client ( <>)
> compatibility testing
> Bug   DERBY-880   jdbcapi/ fails for server
>                               ( <>) and client
> ( <>) compatibility       Unassigned    31/Jan/06
>                               testing with > SQLSTATE(null):
>                               java.sql.SQLException: Stream of column value
>                               in result cannot be retrieved twice
> Going forward, I suggest any issues (specially Bugs, Test failures)
> marked 'Blocker' or 'Critical' needs
> to get the immediate attention to be evaluated for assigning (have an
> owner) or marking (the priority)
> accordingly. Any regression test failures would fall into this category.
> I can volunteer to monitor and send follow-up mails, for addressing the
> high priority
> Derby issues, on a regular basis.
> Regards,
> Rajesh