I was reviewing the list of open JIRA issues for Derby and noticed there are some 'Critical'
issues that remain 'Unassigned'.


Does anybody have any comments or plan to work on the following?

Type  JIRA ID         Summary                                                         Assigned       Updated                       

Test  DERBY-830   lang/dcl.sql is failing                                           Unassigned  20/Jan/06     
Bug   DERBY-749   Corrupt Database after high cpu usage                Unassigned  14/Dec/05     
Bug   DERBY-616   create index can fail under the SecurityManager   Unassigned  11/Oct/05
                             when trying to access files in the tmp folder of
                             a database
In addition, for the following issue there has been no updates for some time.
Scott, can you please share your progress, if you are actively working on this.

New   DERBY-396   Support for ALTER STATEMENT to DROP ,         Scott          28/Dec/05
Feature                   MODIFY, RENAME a COLUMN                          MacDonald    

The following issues of regression failure were discussed on derby-dev - the v10.2
behavior seems appropriate  and the v10.1 tests needs to be fixed. Having said that,
I don't think they need to remain 'Critical' anymore.

Bug   DERBY-881   jdbcapi/LOBTest.java fails for server (    Unassigned   31/Jan/06
                             and client ( compatibility testing   
Bug   DERBY-880   jdbcapi/connectionJdbc20.java fails for server
                              ( and client ( compatibility       Unassigned    31/Jan/06
                              testing with > SQLSTATE(null):
                              java.sql.SQLException: Stream of column value
                              in result cannot be retrieved twice      

Going forward, I suggest any issues (specially Bugs, Test failures) marked 'Blocker' or 'Critical' needs
to get the immediate attention to be evaluated for assigning (have an owner) or marking (the priority)
accordingly. Any regression test failures would fall into this category.

I can volunteer to monitor and send follow-up mails, for addressing the high priority
Derby issues, on a regular basis.