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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: Derby HTML book manuals - invalid anchors in TOC? (DERBY-753)
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 17:05:51 GMT
Kristian Waagan wrote:
> Jeff Levitt wrote:
>> I can tell you that this is a problem that could be
>> hard to fix.  The single-html books are not a normal
>> result of the DITA transform.  However, some time ago
>> Andrew found an xsl file on the web that we were able
>> to use to transform the half-processed PDF transforms
>> from the DITA process and convert them to html. Unfortunately, since
>> that XSL file came from outside
>> of DITA, it is not supported by their project.  If
>> someone has time they can try to modify that xsl file
>> to fix this problem, but I think the single-html files
>> were put in place as sort of a bonus when Andrew found
>> that xsl file, so I wouldnt expect to see as much
>> progress on the quality of those books as the other
>> two types of output, unless someone else knows what
>> they are doing and can fix this (I dont!) :)
>> Also, Andrew, do you know if the xsl file is legally
>> modifiable?
> I had a look at this. The XSL file "fo2html.xsl" comes from
> www.renderx.com. I downloaded a copy (it is free) and compared it to the
> one in our repos. They are identical, so nothing has been updated.
> Although I had to obtain a license to download the XSL file, the
> following is stated in the XSL file itself:
> <!-- =============================================================== -->
> <!--                                                                 -->
> <!-- Convert XSL FO (as in REC 2001-10-15) to HTML                   -->
> <!--                                                                 -->
> <!-- © RenderX 2000-2001                                             -->
> <!-- Permission to copy and modify is granted, provided this notice  -->
> <!-- is included in all copies and/or derived work.                  -->
> <!--                                                                 -->
> <!-- Author: Nikolai Grigoriev, grig@renderx.com                     -->
> <!--                                                                 -->
> <!-- =============================================================== -->
> Just for completeness, my (modified) 'license.xml' looks like this:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <license issuer="RenderX" issued="2006-02-28">
>    <licensee>
>       <person>My Name</person>
>       <organization/>
>    </licensee>
>    <product name="Fo2Html">
>       <limit name="full">1</limit>
>    </product>
> <signature>[snipped]</signature></license>
> Don't know if you need to have this around, or if it is only a mean to
> trace/control downloads.
> I'm thinking about updating the Jira issue (DERBY-753) with some
> information and maybe resolve/close it, but I will wait a little longer
> to see if anyone else has something to add to this topic.

Info needs to be added to the derby/docs/trunk documenting where files
came from outside the ASF.

What's the history behind fo2html.xsl getting committed to the Derby
repo? I keep thinking I should know that, but I'm drawing a blank. Also,
lib/dita2fo-shell.xsl is from the DITA toolkit, which is under the ASL
license, but that isn't readily apparent from looking at that file in
the Derby repo.

I'm not suggesting anything is wrong, but it's important to track where
files came from and the licenses in effect for them.


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