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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: paging Scott MacDonald re DERBY-396
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:50:58 GMT
Hi Darcy,

Thanks for this update. I will unassign DERBY-396. I will happily to 
mouse into DERBY-396 any information you think is worth forwarding.


Darcy Benoit wrote:

> Rick,
>     Scott was one of my students, and he was working on DERBY-396. He 
> has since graduated and moved on from our university. He ran into some 
> problems with DERBY-396, which can simply be summed up as problems 
> with return values. When you are accessing a table to alter it, you 
> need to lock the table in order to keep other users from altering the 
> table at the same time. Once the change has been made, you can then 
> release the lock on the table, which is essentially a "return". This 
> isn't a problem when you are adding columns, as there is nothing to 
> return. But the existing circumstance for RENAME and DROP require that 
> the object being renamed or dropped is returned. This results in a 
> case where you have a return within a return - something that doesn't 
> work so well with Java. He tried several different ways to work around 
> this problem, including not returning the objects when performing 
> RENAMEs and DROPs, returning only the node but not the lock, and 
> casting the node to be renamed o
> r  dropped as the same object type as the return type. He also tried 
> calling separate rename or drop methods, but the object being returned 
> was not the same type as the object type returned by the alter table 
> commands.
>     The result on his final report was "Due to time constraints and 
> the problems of requiring rename and drop statements to return values 
> inside the alter table method, I was not able to implement the rename 
> and drop column functionality."
>     I had suggested to Scott that he release working on the feature 
> once he had graduated until he was able to begin working on the 
> project again on his own time. I guess that he didn't get around to 
> doing that. :(
>     I have a hard copy of his final report, but I can try to relay any 
> information from it to whoever would like to know.
> darcy
>> Hi Scott,
>> Please forgive me for putting you on the spot by paging you in the 
>> subject line of this message. I
>> have tried to privately ping your JIRA email address (044276m@acadiau.ca
>> <mailto:044276m@acadiau.ca>), but the mail bounced back.
>> You graciously volunteered to work on DERBY-396. The community wants 
>> to know whether you'll be
>> able to check in some of your code for the upcoming 10.2 release. 
>> Please feel free to ask the
>> community for advice. Many people are keen to see this feature and 
>> would be delighted to help out
>> any way they can.
>> Thanks,
>> -Rick

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