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From Kathy Saunders <kat...@mtrad.com>
Subject Re: New Main class for derbytools.jar
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 23:59:52 GMT
Andrew McIntyre wrote:

>This sounds reasonable to me. I was a little hasty in wanting to just
>get rid of the scripts. Experience has shown that having an example of
>how to set the classpath has always been useful, especially for people
>who might be new to Java, and it is pretty common to have server start
>and stop scripts.
>Perhaps we should advertise that the frameworks scripts are deprecated
>as of 10.2 and will be removed in 10.3, and provide new scripts in a
>bin directory that rely on DERBY_HOME and JAVA_HOME and self-configure
>from there, like practically every other Java project at Apache (think
>Should I formalize that with a vote? Or perhaps the vote to deprecate
>the scripts can happen once we have new, better ones.
>Now, off to file a JIRA for myself to write some better scripts...
+1 I like this approach.  It should work well for existing customers and 
make it easier for new customers.


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