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From Kathy Saunders <kat...@mtrad.com>
Subject Re: New Main class for derbytools.jar
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:38:07 GMT
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:

>Kathy Saunders wrote:
>>I agree with Oystein.  I do think there are customers who use these
>>scripts--they are not just viewed by everyone as sample files.  I also
>>think that it's very common to have a bin directory that contains
>>scripts like these.  In particular, I believe that users expect to see a
>>startserver script or executable in a bin directory.  My opinion is that
>>we keep the scripts (with appropriate clean up), but move them to a bin
>>directory under DERBY_HOME where they will be easier to find.
>Do we need to leave the scripts in the frameworks directory as well?
>If we care about backwards compatibility for these then they should
>remain where they are.
>We may want to look at what useful scripts should be provided in a new
>bin directory. Ones that work without the user having to modify them or
>run separate setup scripts.
That's a good question.  I suspect we'll be ok if we move them and still 
have the same commands available, but it would certainly need to be 
documented in the release notes as something that might affect existing 
applications.  But, if we want to be *very* careful we could leave them 
or announce they would be moved (or removed) in a later release.  I've 
seen applications that rely on these scripts, but my take is that they 
would make the adjustment to a bin directory without much fuss.  I think 
that if someone decides to move the scripts, it would be good to post a 
question to the user list.  Some of us who work with existing customers 
could also check.  I could check with some of the Cloudscape customers 
to see what they think.  If someone decides to take ownership of moving 
the scripts and wants me to query my customers, let me know.


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