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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@apache.org>
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 18:42:31 GMT
Satheesh Bandaram wrote:

> Mamta Satoor wrote:
>> Satheesh, I was looking through the code last night and saw following
>> comment, about external security info flag, in CreateAliasNode.init
>> line 195
>>     // GrantRevoke TODO: Figure out how to save external security
>> info. Putting this in
>>     // RoutineAliasInfo may not be the best long term solution
>> It seems like RoutineAliasInfo will be the logical place to keep this
>> external security information, similar to the way we keep other
>> information like called on null input, parameter count etc. Did you
>> have reservations about this approach because we want to move away
>> from using objects in the system tables (which in this case is
>> AliasInfo in SYSALIASES table)?
> Here are some of my concerns about adding another field to
> RoutineAliasInfo.
>    1. It would become harder to extract this info from RoutineAliasInfo
>       as it is a Java object for any metadata processing... like in
>       dblook or for other GUI tools. We would have to document how
>       RoutineAliasInfo gets generated as a character type and maintain
>       that format in the future.
>    2. Have to support existing RoutineAliasInfo instances created in
>       existing databases. You would have to introduce a new
>       RoutineAliasInfo version or add a new mapping to another java object.

The RoutineAliasInfo has the correct structure to support expansion. It
writes out an unused value, set at 0. This could be bumped to indicate
that more data needs to be read, e.g. 1 means the external security info
flag is written to disk etc. etc.


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