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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: [OPTIMIZER] Proposal for pushing join predicates into Unions posted to DERBY-805.
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2006 20:19:12 GMT
Hi Satheesh and Army,

I will try to get to this later this week. I'm a bit busy for the next 
few days.


Satheesh Bandaram wrote:

> This is a great improvement to Derby providing good performance 
> improvement. Thanks Army for the writeup... It does look impressive. I 
> will take this home for some "light" reading. :-)  I would like to 
> invite other optimizer experts to review the doc and code patch when 
> ready. Jeff Lichtman and Rick, do you have some time to review the doc?
> I have added an entry to DerbyDevActivities 
> <http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DerbyDevActivities>under improvements 
> for this. Hopefully this work will lead to further improvements to 
> Derby Optimizer in this area.
> Satheesh
> Army wrote:
>> I have attached a description of the changes I plan to submit for 
>> DERBY-805 to that Jira issue.  This is a rather complicated 
>> enhancement so the description of the changes is pretty long.  In 
>> short, though, I outline a 6-step approach to pushing join predicates 
>> down into Unions:
>> 1 - Add the ability to take a predicate and scope it to a target 
>> result set so that it can be pushed to that result set.
>> 2 - Implement the "pushOptPredicate()" and "optimizeIt()" methods for 
>> UnionNodes.  The former method should take predicates that are passed 
>> into the UnionNode from outer queries, scope them (per step 1) for 
>> the left and right children of the UnionNode, and store them 
>> locally.  The latter method should then pass the scoped predicates 
>> down to both children so that they can use the predicates in their 
>> own optimize()/optimizeIt() calls.
>> 3 - Take scoped predicates (created in step 1) that are pushed into 
>> the children result sets of a UnionNode (per step 2) and allow the 
>> the children to push the scoped predicates even further down the 
>> tree, until we eventually get them to a base table.
>> 4 - Make sure predicates that are pushed down into subqueries of a 
>> UnionNode are correctly "pulled" back up (if they are unscoped) or 
>> discarded (if they are scoped) for every permutation seen during 
>> optimization.
>> 5 - Ensure that the best access path for a UnionNode that pushes 
>> predicates is correctly saved during optimization and correctly 
>> retrieved when it comes time to finalize the query's overall access 
>> path.
>> 6 - And finally, when optimization is complete, make sure all 
>> relevant predicates are pushed down the tree one last time and left 
>> there, in preparation for code generation.
>> See DERBY-805.html for all the gory details.
>> I have made the changes described in this document locally and they 
>> all seem to work, with a couple of exceptions as noted at the end of 
>> the document.  I plan to break the changes down into separate patches 
>> where it's possible to do so, and will be posting those patches in 
>> the coming days.  In the meantime, if anyone has time to review this 
>> document and provide feedback, direction, or suggestions, I would be 
>> grateful.  As I myself am still trying to learn all the subtleties of 
>> Derby optimization, the more feedback I get, the better...
>> Thanks,
>> Army

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