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From Sunitha Kambhampati <ksunitha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] Updated: (DERBY-788) 'store/encryptionKey.sql' fails on Solaris 10
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 01:56:35 GMT
Kristian Waagan wrote:

> Actually, the test won't be able to create the encrypted database, 
> which is the initial step for almost all test cases exercised by the 
> ij script.
> An alternative solution would be to reduce the key length, as I have 
> described in the Jira issue. Since there are no comments about the key 
> length, I do not know if the test was written to test the handling of 
> keys that are too long, or if the key is just too long (for the 
> specified encryption algorithm) for some other reason. We could 
> perhaps modify the test to use a key of correct length for all test 
> cases except one, and then use Myrna's trick of using sed to mask out 
> the differing lines.
> Just for information, the code block where things go wrong is a 
> try-catch. If the code inside the try block fails, a security provider 
> method is executed in the catch block to translate the apparently 
> invalid key to a valid key. Then the same steps as those inside the 
> try block are retried. If it fails again (but this time in the catch 
> block - the code is duplicated), i.e. the key was/could not be 
> translated to a valid key, the exception from the Cipher.init method 
> is wrapped and thrown.
> I would appreciate some more information of what the test is actually 
> written to test before I go ahead and change it!

I looked at the test.  As per the comments in the test, the tests are 
for testing using encryption using the encryptionKey.  I dont think it 
is trying to pass in an invalid key length for DES. 

So some possible options:
1)  how about changing the  algorithm to use AES , and in AES the cipher 
length is 16bytes.  Is that available with the 'SunPCKS11-Solaris'  ?
2)  change the key length for DES ( as you suggest).

I'll look at the derby code too and see if we can/should be doing 
something else for DES or other algorithms and report back.


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